REAL Academy of Art

We teach traditional drawing and painting using a curriculum inspired by the methods of the Renaissance Masters and 19th century and adapted for contemporary academic training.

We are open to all students, ages 15 and over, with or without any art training.

REAL Academy of art is the first and currently the only art school in Colorado to be recognized and certified by the Art Renewal Center (ARC). Learn More

REAL Academy of Art

Our Mission: To teach Drawing and Painting inspired by the methods of the Renaissance Masters and adapted to suit contemporary academic training.

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"The REAL Academy of Art has developed a curriculum that can teach ANYONE to draw. This sets the foundation for successful painting."
~ Marlene Kort

Students at The REAL Academy of Art begin their training at any time and work at their own pace.  Class size is kept small so students receive plenty of individual instruction and participate in a supportive learning community.


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Students can join us for one of our workshops taught by our instructors. We offer individualized feedback to suit all skill levels. Students will further their insight into the areas of life drawing, portrait, cast, and still life. In addition, the REAL Academy of Art hosts sessions with guest lecturers covering a variety of subject matter throughout the year.

We can address the needs of students with any amount of experience. No portfolio or previous experience is required.

"Ali is dedicated to bringing out the best in his students using classical methods of teaching. His philosophy is that using proper techniques and hard work are far more important to an artist's development than talent. I recommend the Real Academy of Art!"
~ Sheri F.

"If you wanted to learn the REAL academic art, this is the place to be at by following the old masters...
Ali is an exquisite art teacher, and he would share
his best 
knowledge in order to help you to become an artist."
~ Janjan S.